Formula 1 Transport: 3 Benefits of Chartering a Helicopter

19 March 2018
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The Australian Grand Prix is one of the country's sporting highlights. If you are planning to attend the race, you may be considering the form of transportation you will use to get to the track. One method of transport you may not have considered is a helicopter. Below is a guide to some of the benefits of chartering a helicopter and pilot when attending the formula 1 race in Australia. Read More 

4 Things Party Hosts Must Know When Hiring a Party Bus

15 January 2018
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Renting a party bus is a bonus when you want to add excitement to a memorable day such as a graduation party, wedding, corporate party or anniversary party. Party on wheels, as is commonly referred, is a bus furnished with modern luxuries entertainment, Wi-Fi and champagne among other facilities to keep users entertained all the way. A party bus enables larger groups of people, especially family and friends, to stay together, thereby maximising fun. Read More