A Guide On Wedding Bus Hire

14 July 2020
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Transport is one of the most overlooked aspects of planning a wedding. Wedding bus hire is an instant transport solution for your guests or the bridal party during the big day. Read this extract for some wedding bus hire tips. 

You may need different types of buses on the wedding day. While guests can travel in a standard coach, you may need to hire a party bus for your bridal party. Party buses cannot accommodate a lot of travellers; however, they have LED screens, a bar, high-quality music systems, club lighting and dancing poles. Some may also have a deejay deck on board. They are a sure way to keep the party entertained throughout the day. 

Conduct some internet research to identify wedding bus hire companies in your locality. Internet reviews and client testimonials are a sure way to establish whether you will receive quality services. Visit the company's premises and inspect the available buses. They must be clean and in excellent condition. Some companies will modify vans and saloon cars and hire them out as party buses. However, these vehicles may not meet safety requirements. As such, hiring them could expose your bridal party to various risks. 

The wedding bus hire company should have reasonable terms of hire. Examine the following: 

  • Work with a company that provides an experienced driver. This is a sure way to avoid blame and extra expenses if the bus gets into an accident.
  • Are you allowed to decorate the bus? Most companies will not restrict decorations. However, they will ask you to ensure the décor does not damage the vehicle's paint.
  • Inquire whether the company will provide alternative means of transport if the bus breaks down.
  • What activities are prohibited on the bus? Travellers may not be permitted to bring pets on board, for example.
  • Most bus hire companies will ask you to be responsible on the bus. 

Check the pricing policy. For example, most companies will ask you to place a deposit when booking the bus. You may incur extra charges if you are late or if you litter on the bus. 

Meet with the bus driver and inform him or her of the time and place to pick up your wedding guests. Besides, give him or her the wedding program and a map indicating the wedding venue and reception.

When hiring a wedding bus, choose a suitable bus, inspect the condition of the coach and check the terms of hire and the pricing policy.