Top Tips When Choosing A Refrigerated Truck

25 May 2021
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A refrigerated truck is a must-have if you intend to transport perishables and temperature-sensitive products. A critical consideration when choosing a refrigerated transport company is the truck used to ferry your products. Below are some of the considerations you should make when picking a refrigerated truck. 

Features Of The Refrigeration Unit

As a rule, the refrigeration unit should be fully functional. An assumption made by most customers is that all units have the same temperature ranges. However, this is not always the case. Some units will keep your products frozen, while others will keep them cold. As such, it is wise to check the temperature and humidity ranges of the unit. Generally, they should be ideal for the products you will transport. 

When transporting a small number of items, it is reasonable and cheaper to share the refrigerated truck with other customers. If this is your case, you should go for a refrigerated truck with different temperature zones. It ensures that your products are transported at optimum temperatures. 

Availability Of Backup Power

Backup power is not a necessity. However, it is an essential feature when transporting your products for long distances where the driver might need to switch off the truck to rest or sleep. In this case, the backup power source will keep the refrigerated unit running when the engine is switched off. 

Availability Of Remote Monitoring

Some refrigerated transport companies will offer remote monitoring services. It allows you to monitor the location of the truck, the temperature and humidity settings in the refrigerated truck. In some cases, these settings can be manipulated remotely. The service is essential when transporting sensitive products that could spoil due to slight temperature variations.  

Size Of The Truck

The size of the truck is a vital concern when transporting a large number of products. The underlying principle of refrigerated transport is that the products should have adequate aeration. It ensures equal temperatures inside the truck. For this reason, you may require a slightly larger truck to ensure sufficient aeration. 

Condition Of The Truck

The truck should be in excellent mechanical condition. Remember, engine failures will affect the functionality of the refrigerated unit. Assess the container used to ferry your products. Ideally, it should be insulated to prevent the loss of temperatures. Additionally, it should not have any cracks or holes. Crevices will let in heat, thus affecting the internal temperatures. Additionally, they will let in dust and pests. 

When choosing a refrigerated truck, assess the refrigerated unit, availability of backup power and remote monitoring, the size and the condition of the truck. Contact a refrigerated transport company for more information.