How To Plan Heavy Haulage

11 February 2022
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Hauling heavy loads can be nerve-wracking. In many cases, you will have to deal with heavy traffic, impatient road users and low-lying or narrow bridges. For these reasons, you have to plan adequately before transporting your oversized load. So, what goes behind heavy haulage planning? Continue reading for some exciting insights. 

Choosing A Haulage Company

Given that standard trucks cannot transport oversized loads, you need to hire a heavy haulage company to transport your cargo. These criteria should help you hire a heavy haulage company.

  • Check the company's website and client reviews to know what type of loads the company transports. For instance, when transporting fragile items such as telecommunication equipment, you might want to consider companies that have moved similar equipment.
  • Ensure that the company has the licences needed to transport oversized loads. Otherwise, your load could get held up by the authorities during transit.
  • Check the company's terms to determine if you require additional insurance and security when moving the oversized load.
  • Ask the company to send a quote to establish the haulage charges. Negotiate by pitting a competitor's quote or asking for complimentary services. 

Determining A Suitable Transportation Method

The haulage company should examine your load to determine how best to transport it. Typically, there are regulations that determine the weight and dimensions of oversized loads. Therefore, the haulage company will check if the load exceeds these limits. If it does, the company could recommend that you dismantle it and transport it in two or more truckloads. In some cases, the road conditions will determine whether the load can be transported in one trip. For example, poor roads could affect the truck's maximum weight, while low-lying bridges could prevent you from transporting items with an extended height. 

Emergency Planning 

Emergency planning helps contain and prevent accidents when moving heavy loads. For example, the haulage convoy should be escorted by pilot vehicles to ensure other road users are aware of an oversized truck. Besides, the haulage company should be in touch with traffic police. They escort the convoy and clear traffic in urban areas. The company should also plan for emergencies such as breakdowns. In this case, the company could have strategically located breakdown trucks to tow the haulage truck if it breaks down when loaded. Additionally, the haulage convoy should have experienced mechanics to inspect the truck and conduct on-site repairs. 

When planning heavy haulage, hire a haulage company, determine a suitable transportation method and consider the recommended emergency planning tips. 

For more information on heavy haulage services, contact a professional near you.