Success Tips: Running A Freight Business

12 March 2015
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The growing market requires goods to be moved around every now and then. Commercial freight transport companies constantly move products in bulk to new cities or even across the globe. This is what led to the rise of freight transportation services, and this field is becoming one of the most competitive modes of transport. So you've decided to join the field and you want a share of the market; a large share perhaps. Where do you start? And how would you run your business to ensure it rises to the top? Here are some helpful success tips.

Determine how you'll operate your drivers

The operation of your trucking business will be in one of two ways: subcontracted drivers or privately owned ones. Your option will depend on a variety of factors including the degree of start-up costs you're willing to spend. Subcontracted drivers are not owned by your business, rather, you hire them and their equipment. This option will lower your start-up costs by cutting down on your insurance and equipment.

Privately owned drivers are under your business. Here, you will have to purchase your own equipment and pay higher insurance. This generally raises your start-up costs. However, you'll benefit more from your returns, and you will have full control over your drivers.

Establish a large client base

Ensure that your company has got enough customers such that losing a few doesn't hurt your business. Don't depend on a few customers and ever let them control most of your revenue. Search for other clients to minimise your dependence on these clients, because once they pull out without notice, your business will be injured. You'll have to start drawing the charts from scratch again.

Find your way to the spotlight

You need to market your business and ensure you have a huge number of people notice you. Sharpen your marketing strategies and have a follow up to know which techniques fair well and which ones simply drain your profits. Small give away items such as t-shirts and pens can make a huge impact, but website sponsorship doesn't market your business well enough. You have to put extra effort in it.

Freight business is increasingly competitive and simple brochure marketing and campaigns won't quite cut it. You need to be seen by your customers out in public and in a positive way. Link up with journalists who can get you in by-line trade articles and aim to receive awards and gifts. Involve yourself in charity programs that are most likely going to go viral.