Choosing the Best Storage and Transport Facilities in Australia

23 December 2015
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The Storage and general warehousing industry has grown steadily over the last five years in Australia. The vertical integration of supply chains in transport industries has greatly transformed warehousing and storage services. Storage facilities are no longer just spacious and temperature-controlled, they are also complex distribution and information centers facilitating the entire supply chain. Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers no longer hold the bulk of their merchandise but instead outsource storage to third-parties, thereby boosting the storage and transport industry. But how do you choose the best storage services for your business?

Choose the Type of Facility

There are many parameters to guide you here; determine whether you want an indoor or outdoor storage?  Is the storage loading and offloading convenient using a trolley or using your car? Do you want temperature controlled unit? What about security, does the facility offer video surveillance? How much do they charge? How accessible is the facility? Do they have proper insurance? Here, you should make a list of what you want and go for the most fitting facility as per your wishes.

How Much Space Needed?

The space needed for proper storage and transportation of the goods should be considered. This also determines the amount of money that will be needed for the space. Proper calculations should be done here to ensure that the facility has the capacity for the storage of your goods now and possible future additions. By so doing, the risk of having to look for another storage facility in future is eliminated and taken care of.

Take Care of Convenience

Look for storage facilities that are closer to where you work, stay or frequent. This may provide a ground where you can safe on time and money. If you are also willing to drive out further, this can also mean that you will make savings on the money charged for storage.

Initiate Official communication with the Storage Facility

One of the best ways of doing this is to visit the offices of the storage and transport service provider of your choice. Talking to the staff provides the best chance of gauging whether the management values customers and holds their interest high above. If the facility staff is professional and friendly and exhibit trustworthiness, then there is every reason that you will feel that your goods are in safe hands.

Looking for storage and transport services need not be a hassle.