4 Tips for Going On a Wine Tour

12 August 2016
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Wine tours provide a fun and educational experience all rolled into one. Not only does it include wine tasting, but you get to actually see what the wine vineyards look like and learn more about the entire process. If this will be your first wine tour, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Dress Comfortably

While you probably want to dress nice during the wine tour if it is for a special occasion, don't wear your highest heels or pants that are hard to walk in. The wine tour is going to include walking through the vineyards, learning about the grapes, and maybe even wine stomping at some vineyards. Try to dress comfortably for the wine tour so your feet aren't struggling when trying to enjoy the tour.

Be Prepared to Buy Wine

During a wine tour, it is customary to buy some wine after you go through the wine tasting room. You should be prepared to buy at least a few bottles of wine when you taste some that you like. So that you don't have bottles clinking in your vehicle, place an empty cardboard box in the back of your car to place the different wine bottles. Many wineries provide boxes to keep your bottles safe, but it is still a good idea to be prepared just in case.

Try Out Local Wineries

Instead of just heading to the most popular wineries, try out some smaller, local wineries as well. These often have unique wine tours that you might never have tried out. Just because it has a small vineyard, doesn't mean it can't be a fun experience with your friends or loved ones. This also gives you the chance to try new wine you haven't had, perhaps from wineries that don't have their wine at all the same stores where you buy other types of wine.

Think About Your Transportation

When you are on your way to the wine tour, you should definitely not be driving. Even while wine tasting, you might end up sipping some of the wine, so you shouldn't be driving after drinking. This is a good opportunity to rent a bus and go on a wine tour vacation with a bunch of friends, or go on a romantic wine tour trip with your loved one and take a limo there. A limo is even better when you want to visit multiple local wineries instead of just heading to one.