Why You Should Carefully Consider the Mode of Transportation For Your Corporate Group

9 October 2017
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If you are responsible for a large sales team at your organisation, you may often think about different ways to motivate them and keep them at the top of their game. You may be considering a getaway or a corporate retreat, so that you can bring everyone together in a positive and inspiring environment for additional training. When you think about this type of activity you should look at it from every angle and consider how even the mode of transportation could be crucial to your ultimate goal. What do you need to consider here?

Total Time Is Important

Remember, that a retreat like this is meant to develop positive interaction between the participants, so that they inspire each other as a group. You will build camaraderie and involvement and this can only be positive when it comes to increasing productivity in the future. If you want the employees to interact with each other throughout the entire experience, then they should travel together in a collective group and this is where a bus charter would come into its own.

Bus Versus Plane

Some people automatically think about air transportation to a particular destination, but this is not likely to take full advantage of travel time together. Think how much of this time could be wasted by battling through an airport and remember that people are unlikely to sit in close proximity to each other on the plane, which is already a noisy environment and not really meant for networking.

Captive Audience

On your own bus, you are able to control the environment completely and its very much more conducive to conversation and networking. Everybody on board will be part of the organisation and you won't need to worry about disturbing other passengers. You can use the opportunity to show a video presentation to your audience as well, which is definitely not something you can do on a plane.

Additional Advantages

When you charter a bus, you also have use of the vehicle when you get to the destination. You won't have to worry about taxi transportation, or even hiring a separate bus when you get there. You may think that you save time when transporting people by air, but have you added in the amount of time spent at security, baggage claim and outside the terminal? When you do so, you will see how advantageous bus charter could really be.

Working It All out

Finally, don't forget to include the cost savings that you will enjoy when you charter a bus instead of purchasing individual plane tickets. Have a word with your local bus company so that you can do the figures for yourself and plan your sales retreat properly.