4 Things Party Hosts Must Know When Hiring a Party Bus

15 January 2018
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Renting a party bus is a bonus when you want to add excitement to a memorable day such as a graduation party, wedding, corporate party or anniversary party. Party on wheels, as is commonly referred, is a bus furnished with modern luxuries entertainment, Wi-Fi and champagne among other facilities to keep users entertained all the way. A party bus enables larger groups of people, especially family and friends, to stay together, thereby maximising fun. Here are some tricks for party hosts when hiring a party bus.  

Rental Reservations -- At a bare minimum, a prospective client should reserve a party bus a few weeks in advance. Reservation should then be followed up by confirmation at least a week before the event. Securing a bus in advance ensures that you do not miss out on the best coaches available. Furthermore, during peak season, when many hiring companies experience full bookings, it is prudent to make early reservations. 

Drinks and Food Policy -- Bus rental companies have different policies on food and beverages. Depending on your itinerary, you might have to confirm if your provider offers drinks and food as a complete package when booking. Some providers have restrictions on the type of alcoholic beverages and food that you can bring with you on a bus. Therefore, check amongst party hosts to confirm if they have allergic reactions to some of the snacks that might be dished out on the bus. You don't want to ruin a party just because you ignored to inquire what was on the menu before making the trip. Also, laws in some jurisdictions might not allow adult beverages during specific times of the day.    

Headcount -- Make a headcount of the people who will be attending the party on wheels to determine the size of bus you will be hiring. Knowing the number of guests also aids in saving money when booking. For instance, there is no need to hire a 48-seater party bus when only 15 guests have confirmed attendance. However, when choosing the right coach, give some leeway for the occasional party crashers. You might have to accommodate some of these uninvited guests even when you did not anticipate their arrival.

Rates -- The rental fee structure for party buses differ from company to company. One provider can offer hourly rates while another will charge based on a flat rate or the distance covered. Some companies might provide discount rates for those who wish to rent buses for longer. Moreover, some fees such as taxes, fuel, and surcharges might be applicable. Therefore, ensure that you understand all these costs before hiring a party bus.