Formula 1 Transport: 3 Benefits of Chartering a Helicopter

19 March 2018
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The Australian Grand Prix is one of the country's sporting highlights. If you are planning to attend the race, you may be considering the form of transportation you will use to get to the track. One method of transport you may not have considered is a helicopter. Below is a guide to some of the benefits of chartering a helicopter and pilot when attending the formula 1 race in Australia.

Local pick-up

Once you have booked your helicopter charter, the company will contact you to arrange a take-off point which is close to where you live. You will have the option of either driving to a nearby airport or helipad. If you do not wish to do this, the helicopter charter company will be able to arrange a car to pick you up on the day of your flight.

Reduced travel times

Helicopters do not have to wait at stop lights or to queue to at junctions. Once you are up in the air, your helicopter pilot can fly you directly to the race track. This means it will take you minutes rather than hours to reach your destination. The traffic on the approach to a racetrack is likely to be heavy, and this can result in long tailbacks on the surrounding roads. If you choose to drive to the formula 1 track, not only will you have to wait to gain entry, but once you are onsite, you will need to find somewhere to park your car. By opting to travel by helicopter, you can avoid all of this stress. The helicopter will land at the tracks helipad, and you can walk right into the VIP area and take your seats before the race begins. When the day is over, you can return to the helipad to be whisked away. Before you know it, you will be back home while other people are sat in their vehicles trying to exit the track.

Food and drink

While you wait for your flight to transport you to the formula 1 track or on arrival, most luxury transport companies will supply you with tea, coffee, snacks and champagne. Having these refreshments on hand means that you can set yourself up perfectly for a day watching a fantastic motor racing spectacle.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of using a helicopter to travel to a formula 1 race, you should contact a helicopter charter company today.