3 Steps to Plan Your Airport Taxi Trip with a Baby

28 September 2018
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Getting to the airport can sometimes be a tough task depending on where you live in Australia. And when you have a baby with you, there's plenty more to think about. It's no longer as simple as walking out of your house, hailing a taxi and reaching your airport destination. Here are some steps to help you better plan your airport taxi trip with a baby in tow:

Lean About Child Seat Laws in Your State

Every state and territory in Australia has a different law regarding child seats in taxis, so it's important for you to know what you need when booking a taxi. For example, car restraint laws in NSW dictate that children under 12 months can only travel in a taxi if they are secured in a child seat. Children over 12 months may be permitted to wear a seatbelt in a taxi unless parents prefer a child seat. On the other hand, Victoria laws permit children under a year to travel in the back seat of a taxi without a child restraint.

Call the Taxi Company in Advance to Make Your Booking

When you're travelling with a small child, you can't leave things to the last minute, especially if you need the taxi company to organise a special service with a child car seat since not every car will be equipped with this facility. You'll also need to give the taxi company time to organise an equipped taxi service to take you from your home to the airport depending on where you live in Australia. Getting a taxi will certainly be easier in inner city areas than rural communities, so it makes sense to make your booking as early as possible – especially if you already know your flight date and time.

Ask for a Larger Car if Needed

When travelling with children, you probably have more luggage than you would otherwise have on your own. In addition, if you need to have child car seats, then entire spaces will be taken up – leaving less room for your luggage. The best way to avoid any discomfort is to ask for a larger car if you anticipate travelling with a lot of luggage to the airport. While this may be a little costlier, the price is well worth it to keep your kids as comfortable as possible ahead of a long journey.

Follow these steps when looking to book a taxi service with a baby.